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temperature, screening, covid RapidScreen Temperature Screening System

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3M, 3M, distributor, Hearing Protection, Protective Eyewear, Respiratory Protection



ASCO, ASCO distributor, surge protection

carlo gavazzi

CEC, CEC Panda,crystal resonators, clock oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, monolithic quartz filters

CIT, CIT distributor, relays

Euchner, Euchner distributor, safety, automation

Fandis, Fandis distributor

Finder, finder relays, relays, switches, finder distributor

Fujia, fujia distributor, power supply, wall mount power

Harwin, Harwin distributor, connectors, terminals, hardware

Hellerman Tyton, non-metallic conduits, spiral tubing, thread fittings

Hitachi, Hitachi distributor, drives, variable drives, AC variable drives

Hoyt, Hoyt, distributor, digital meters, analog meters, relays, timers, transformers, switches

Mencom, Mencom distributor, RJ45, ethernet switches, junction blocks, panel connectors

NIC, NIC distributor, capacitors, inductors, resistors, RF, magnetic, safety

Omron, Omron distributor, industrial automation,
Orion, orion fans, fans
Orion, Orion distributor, power distribution modules, UPS system, network, communications

Panduit, Panduit distributor, terminals, Panduit distributor, ID products, heat shrink

LEEDís, Displays, Infrared LEDs, Optical Switches, and Lighting Modules

Patlite, Patlite distributor, LED lighting, signal towers, audible alarms

Phoenix, Phoenix distributor, contacts, components

Qualtek, Qualtek distributor, cable ties, fans, AC fans, DC fans, power cords, wiring

Quectel, Quectel distributor, transmission modules, development boards

QVS, QVS distributor, USB synch cables, sleeves, HDMI cables

SAB, SAB distributor, flex cables

Schmersal, signal processing, switches, monitoring, automation

Sensopart, vision sensors, fiber optic cable, fork sensors, optical windows, Sensopart distributor

SOLAHD, Emerson, power conditioners,surge protection,uninterruptible power supplies,power supplies,transformers

TEWA Distributor, temperature sensor

A spin-off Company from NXP; Over 50-Years Leading Experience in Power

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