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REVOLITE Signal Towers

Patlite LA6 Product Catalog at Industrial Electronics, Inc.

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Display a variety of colors in various ways to improve your processes.

PATLITE's innovation continues with improved functionality to drive productivity, improve efficiencies, and reduce waste. One of our basic themes is to help you make continuous improvements in your process. In order to make your lives more comfortable, our theme of 'Visual Information' has been a persistent one by making things easier to do. Here, we introduce the LA6 multi-informational signal tower. It can be easily manipulated to display various colors and combination of colors in various ways in order to communicate 'visual information' in a manner that is intuitive and easy to understand. The application possibilities are endless! As a pioneer manufacturer of information display equipment, we will strive to provide society the best products in order to meet your expectations for "Safety, Security, and Comfort."

Patlite LA6 Product Catalog at Industrial Electronics, Inc.

Redefining 'light' to make the environment more active, more beautiful, and more flexible.

Indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns.
Can freely set up multiple colors.
For example, a serious condition can be indicated with the "all-point Lighting," where the entire signal tower is the same color, thus conveying important information.

Use 'Operating Modes' to enhance a visual status condition.
The downloadable program can be used to make patterns change at set intervals so the signal tower can be used to count time or set a pace.

Simple and easy-to-use complimentary programming software.
Set up your own custom programming, or download pre-programmed patterns.
The downloadable complimentary programming software can be used to easily control which colors are displayed and how they are to behave.
From frequency and luminosity to color display patterns, there are endless possibilities to suit your needs.

Patlite LA6 Product Catalog at Industrial Electronics, Inc.

View videos on PATLITE's exclusive site for a visual demonstration.
For use with Assembly Line and Processing Machines.
More public, practical uses in Retail Check-out and Airport Baggage Claim.
Complimentary Editing Software to suit your every need.
Helpful Q&A about the capabilities and limitations of the LA6.
Download the LA6 Signal Tower Product Brochure for more information.

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