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H07RN-F recommended use in dry, humid or moist rooms, in open air, in workshops having an explosive atmosphere; for medium mechnical stresses, eg. for industrial and agricultural workshops appliances, large boiling installatuions, heating plates, inspection lamps, electrical tools such as drills, circular saws, domestic electric tools, and also for transportable motors or machines on building sites or in agricultural workings, etc: also for fixed installations, eg. on rough-cast in temporary bulidings and huts for accommodation purposes; suitable for the wiring of constructional components in lifting appliances, machinery, etc.

Downloads: SAB Custom Cable Datasheet from Industrial Electronics, Inc.SAB Custom Cable Datasheet

Descriptions and Specifications were provided by manufacturer of the respective product and not by Industrial Electronics, Inc.

  • Model: SAB 39550315
  • Manufactured by: SAB North America

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